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Home Medicine Umbrella

Home Medicine Umbrella

Mar 01, 2022



A comprehensive home medical umbrella should contain the following items:

1.Soluble Aspirin Tablets 2.Paracetamol Tablets 3.Paracetamol Liquid 4.Charcoal Tablets or Solution (for overdose) 5.Lotion for bites and stings 6.Anti-itch cream 7.Antiseptic cream 8.Antiseptic Concentrated Liquid 9.Anti cold Tablets and /or Liquid (for nasal congestion) 10.Decongestant Nose Drops 11.Menthol Inhalant 12.Cough Syrup 12.Antiseptic Ear Drops 13.Antiseptic Eye Drops 14.Sunscreen Lotion or Cream 15.Splinter Forceps 16.Triangular Bandage (sling) 17.Adhesive Dressing (various sizes) 18.Elastic Bandages (wide) 19.Cotton gauze (not cotton wool) 20.Adhesive Tape

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