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History : Established in the year 2014, Hilton Hyman Healthcare is owned by Mr. Manoj Verma.


Hilton Hyman Healthcare is a prime brand in the healthcare sector based in Guwahati, Assam. Currently working with a team of 10 dedicated members for dealing in Wholesaling, Trading and Supply of Active pharmaceutical, Pharmaceutical, Veterinary, Diagnostic kits, Medical aids and other healthcare products. We have around 60 branded products and other generic products on our product list. Growing day by day we have gained an annual turnover of around 5-10 crore INR.

Lucid Motto

Our success is your smile. To be a customer’s trustworthy brand and serve them for their healthy life is our motto. We feel glad to do our contribution to building a healthy community. Every customer is valuable to us and serving each one in a better way is our aim. We are very pronounced in our minds for what we are doing and the reason behind that.


We think that: You can achieve everything when your intentions are true, no matter how tough is the path. Ethics are always necessary to succeed either in business or in life. We are not just doing business, providing life-saving products is one of human service and that’s our only intention. Quality & On-time delivery is what we keep on priority throughout our service. Our every step is only towards achieving customer satisfaction & safety.


We work for curing you & caring for you. Giving the best every time at any cost is the demand of the sector we are engaged in. We understand our role in society very well and are committed to playing it with complete honesty and dedication. We take a vow to adhere to our ethics every day, every hour & every second whenever we start work, during work and until it gets done.

Never Give Up attitude

We believe in the idea of “Never give up”. We try every possible way to fulfill our services. Healthcare services have a new hurdle on every new day and we are ready for that. Our team members have a positive approach to each task and they deal with that smartly to get it done anyhow. In a new-normal scenario post to COVID pandemic, the worldwide citizens become more health-conscious. In line with that, we too are evolving ourselves and included products like Multivitamins & Antioxidant-rich Syrups and Capsules to boost the immunity of our customers.